Feb 20, 2010

Bigger Than Jesus

WARNING: If you're not one to have a sense of humor about religion, Jesus, Easter or Catholicism, you probably want to read something else. Might I suggest some nice, inoffensive pug pics instead. Everyone likes pugs, right? Anyway, consider yourself warned.

I was raised Catholic. I mean, if you consider being enrolled into Catholic School when I was too young to know better, then forced to go to church every Sunday, Holiday (Religious as well as Secular), and special event like-it-or-not for the entirety of my young life being "raised Catholic." That is, until I was deemed old enough to decide for myself. Guess what I decided. I decided to sleep in on Sundays.

It's Lent right now, and I've made a few snarky comments about giving up holidays, or how the decision to eat a cheeseburger or not on Fridays isn't really the same as being publicly whipped, humiliated, then crucified and left for dead. What can I say? I'm funny. Sometimes that funny comes at the expense of others...

...Or the core religious and spiritual beliefs of others.

I don't do Lent. I just never saw the point. Like I said, refraining from trash tv for 40 nights, or abstaining from whole milk lattes seems a bit of a slap in the face of the story of Easter. Frankly, if I was Jesus I'd be up in Heaven this time of year like "Pshhht! Are they serious? Sooo not the same thing!"

Then there's cases such as the couple I encountered in the gas station store Wednesday evening. Drunk as skunks, high as heck, buying more booze and cursing enough to make an off-shore man blush, they were both sporting the mark of having gone to church on Ash Wednesday. Um... Can we say hypocrisy?

Yeah, we probably can't.

But then I started thinking about Lent not as an empty religious tradition, but as an exercise in building character. A chance to break bad habits as well as form a few new good ones.

I have this terrible habit of getting all gung-ho about something and then dumping it within the week. (Remember how I was gonna take up baking?) This blog tends to be one of those things. I'll blog like crazy for a week or two and then.... *crickets*

So, even though I'm late by a few days, I promise to blog every day for the remainder of the next 40.

Jesus just went all "Pshhht! My peeps totally wrote The Bible. Top that!"

Well, I accept your challenge, Jesus.

This house has a lightening rod, right?



Katie said...

Love it! (especially the pic)


Leiah said...

This Catholic girl says that's HIGHlarious! I went NUNS for Lent - No UNeccessary Shopping. I hope I've saved enough money to start therapy on Holy!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Aww come now. Certainly you can go from full fat to lowfat lattes?

Bahahaha. Good. Glad to see you will be blogging more.

Beks said...

You mean giving up Starbucks won't get me into heaven?? What about Shoes... THAT would be a total sacrifice...

Anonymous said...

Hi Em -
Thanks for visiting my blog and posting my button! I'm going to follow yours too! (Always like to hear what a fellow Jersey girl has to say!)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! I thought this post was hilarious! Good luck with the blogging!

Amanda said...

I am so ridiculously in love with this post it isn't funny.

I'm giving up what I always give up for Lent: giving up things for Lent (see? easy!)

I agree that it's more for character building. I've never thought about it like that....Jesus all, "you're giving up Facebook and I gave my life? You can do better than that."

I think that God has a sense of humor and sees nothing wrong with poking a little fun now and again. After all, God created both laughter AND blogging. ;)