Mar 6, 2010

Bad Relationship Rehab: For Anyone Who Needs To Take 12 Or So Steps Away From The Drama

FINALLY! Success!!!

About a month (and four days) ago I returned to my Blogger blog fuming at Wordpress. See, I have a blog over there and I'd forgotten the password. After half a dozen attempts at retrieving said password I gave up and came here... And forgot all about that Wordpress blog.

One month later I realized I was having them send the reset to the wrong e-mail. Hence my inability to gain access to my own blog.

Er... My bad.

So now I have two blogs! This one, and my relationship advice blog. I'm gonna have to get organized here...

Anyway, I haven't touched it since January, and there's only three posts, but if you're interested here's the link:

Click Here!

I'd also like to mention that one month (and four days) ago Heart & Hairspray had a grand total of like five readers. Now I'm up to forty-four!


Amanda said...

Nice! I don't like Wordpress. Well, I like the potential of Wordpress, but not the freeby kind. It's too complicated for me. Just let me post my crap and get on with it! Congrats on all the readers! It took forever for me to get to 44!

Chicken said...

Congrats on the new readers! Just remember those of us who helped you get to 40 when your big time :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

YAY for all of your new readers. I am going to your other blog now...