Feb 25, 2010

Oh Horray! Now It Can Suck on Blu-Ray Too!

Tonight's blog almost didn't happen.

On a grand scale of bad days, it didn't quite merit sitting around looking at random pug pictures, but I didn't exactly feel like playing on the internet either. I'm only sitting here now with all the funny knocked out of me by a raging headache for two reasons. One being I made a commitment to blog everyday for the remainder of Lent (I refer you to this post if you're new here.) I don't want to get out of the habit of writing every day no matter what. So here I am.

The other reason is as follows:

While I was laying in bed with the covers half pulled over my face, watching a mini-marathon of "The Housewives of OC"-- A scant replacement for my beloved Jersey Wives, or even the kick-ass Atlanta ones (TEAM NENE!)-- I saw they've released Where The Wild Things Are on DVD. Perhaps it was the trauma of having actually seen the movie in theaters that caused my brain to black out the event entirely, but I'd totally forgotten it's existence until today.

So, since the two Tylenol PM I took are starting to catch up with me, we're going to revisit my original movie review of Where The Wild Things Are:

Where The Whiny Things Are

For anyone interested, I'm currently organizing an angry mob to storm the gates of Spike Jonze's house this coming Friday night with a possible post-lynching pit stop at Dave Egger's home should time and weather permit. A coffee and finger snacks meet-and-greet will be held an hour before we leave in the cafeteria of the local Presbyterian Church on Main Street. Please bring your own pitch-forks, rusty old rakes and torches as I don't have enough of these things at my disposal for everyone. Donations of lighter-fluid, ropes and large rotten tomatoes will be greatly appreciated. The sign-up sheet for this event is hanging out in the hallway. Thank you.

Click The Angry Mob To Read The Whole Blog

We'll return to our regularly scheduled blogging program tomorrow...

Most likely.


T-rexy said...

What a shame, I still haven't seen it but was hoping it wasn't as bad as everyone says it is. Nuts.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Hope you get to feeling better and have a better day today. Let me know how the Roseanne project is going...I'm still bummed they didn't give a reason for moving from Indiana to CA in SBTB!!!

Amanda said...

I'm so in love with all the Real Housewives shows, but NY and Atlanta are my FAVS. Just goes to show you that money cant' buy class.