Feb 26, 2010

My Horrific Car Accident and Who's Picking Up Dinner Tonight?

I know what you're thinking.

Another new banner?! My Gawd, will this chick ever settle on something?

In short, no.

I've been known to change my clothes three times in one day just because I got bored with what I had on.

I also once spent an entire day rearranging the furniture in my apartment, only to decide I hated what I'd done and put it all back. My roommate had no idea what happened except for the uncomfortable feeling that everything was just a couple inches to the left. We parted ways shortly thereafter. I always wondered if it had something to do with my fiddling with the feng-shui of the apartment...

It probably had something to do with my discovering she'd trashed me online and destroyed my best sweater (I found it crammed under her bed!). I threatened to have all her possessions waiting for her on the sidewalk if she didn't am-scray by that Saturday afternoon. So, yeah. Probably not the furniture.

That Sunday I had to rearrange everything again to make up for the lack of her tacky crap hanging around everywhere.

Then I moved to a new apartment.

Get the picture? I hope so, because I'll probably change it tomorrow.

Since I started this "Blogging for Lent" thing, I've only been able to think about one thing: This blog. Are the colors right? Does it look like something I tossed together in Photoshop? Should I say this, or this, or this?

Frankly, I'm getting a bit bored with myself. I can't imagine how you feel.

It seems that since the dust from the recent avalanche of holidays has settled, Man and I have also settled. Neither of us have done anything in roughly two weeks that isn't a prior obligation (school, work, check the mailbox for a Netflix delivery.). We've been sitting in this house like two frogs on a lily pad-- occasionally croaking at eachother over what to do about dinner. Tonight? Chinese take-out. I expect the argument over who's going to get it should start within the next ten minutes.*

If I don't start actually doing something I'm going to end up a blogger who blogs about how much she'd like to be a blogger. (Say that five times fast.) Also, with all the sitting and eating I'm going to end up actually looking like a big bullfrog in a pair of tasteful capri pants (and insensible shoes) come spring.

I mean, I could tell you about the horrific car crash Man and I had this afternoon, but it was honestly just a little old lady in a Buick with 37 prior dents, and a handicap license plate that bumped into the back of the Toyota at a red light. Not a scratch on either car or any of us.

No blog material there. Unless you count the misleading headline I used to trick you into reading this whole boring entry.

In other words, I've got to start getting out there again and doing things so I have stuff to write about. When I'm done with the whole blogging for Lent thing, I'm gonna take a day or two break, get this blog together and start giving my readers a reason to keep coming back. I'll have an actual story to tell, and-- knowing me-- it'll be veeeeryy interesting.

*In case you were wondering, we wound up going together under the stipulation that I stay in my jammies and don't have to get out of the car.


Curvy Jones said...

I'm having a bit of blog schizophrenia as well. I want something custom made but it's a tad pricy and the fancy dancy wordpress end all theme thesis doesn't quite work for me.

HMPH. But I like your new banner!

rinniez said...

damn your blog title totally sucked me in!!!

Katie said...

I thought you were seriously injured...! whew.
I went a few days of thinking about the blog all the time but I couldn't think of anything worthwhile to post (sigh). It happens - oh well.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Good headline! So I'm glad I'm not the only one that does something and thinks how awesome it will be to blog about it!

Suzanne Westover said...

You had me at "My horrific car accident!"

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

I am guilty of changing headers etc a million times before I like it. Actually, still not satisfied. I am the same way with furniture in a room, constantly moving it. That's why I refuse to buy anything expensive, because I will probably get sick of it and change it!

Jenny Brown said...

Love the new banner, by the way.....You're too THINK you have nothing to blog about.......... but it's hilarious to listen to you blog about absolutely nothing........You always make me laugh. PS....glad you weren't hurt in your accident! :):)

Anonymous said...

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