Feb 18, 2010

Everywhere Else In The World It Was Just "Tuesday."

My first Mardi Gras was a shining success.

Light-up bunny ears, Hell Yeah!

Well, there was that incident at one of the parades when I nearly fist-fought a lady over a string of plastic beads (Worth all of 0.25 American, I'm sure).

In my defense, she was taking bead-catching faaarrr too seriously, and after 20 minutes of this bitch knocking into me or shoving me aside, I'd finally had enough. We both caught the same string, and thus the stand-off began. She wouldn't let go. I wouldn't let go. Our eyes met, and just as the thought to break the strand to spite her crossed my mind, Man intervened.

It just isn't worth it, Em.

Sigh. Of course he was right. Going to war with some woman on the streets of New Orleans over little plastic baubles would have been stupid. Especially since there seemed to be an unending supply of such things that day. It was the point though! She was acting like they were throwing money off those floats! Someone had to teach her some parade-manners, and leave it to me to try bringin' Jersey-tude to the party.

After that I gave any bead, coin, toy or stuffed animal that I managed to body-check or wrestle away from that woman to the little girl standing to my left. (Spite is the new violence.)

However, I swear to all of you: I would have brought it to blows had that bitch tried to get my string of fiddle playin' alligators.


Homesick Cajun said...

Lmao...we would get along so well!! Though I don't think you want to be fighting in the streets of New Orleans. I mean what if y'all both fell to the ground and started rolling around in what can be described as a mixture of piss/beer/vomit. Ewww Lmao...

I must say the fiddle playing aligator beads are the shit! I'd take a bitch down for those too!

Em Static said...

The crowd was packed so tight, I don't think anyone ever actually hits the ground if they fall.

My shoes from the Superbowl night were totally ruined from walking around in that strange Bourbon St mixture. This week I got smart and wore boots.

Katie said...

I found your blog on SITS so I thought I'd stop by and say hi! I too am a Northeast girl and there are a lot of people that don't understand the east coast attitude (I'm currently living in Denver, CO).

Keep rockin'!


Elizabeth said...

Love live the Jersey tude! Love it

Stacy said...

Um...aren't you supposed to show your BOOBS or something to get the beads? Or is that just something they do in the movies?

Did I tell you that I was born in Jersey and lived there til I was 7? My family has lived there until last year. Every now and then I pull out the ''s inbred for sure! :)

Amanda said...

Ok, I would pretty much also punch anybody in the face for that string of gator beads, too.

PS You had me at "light up bunny ears"