Dec 1, 2009

I Made a Funny! (I Also Made a Mess in the Laundry Room!)

Rainy day in the house checklist...

-- Big sweatshirt stolen out of man's side of the closet. Check.

-- Fuzzy pink slippers with the googly eyes.



-- Christmas mug of Godiva coffee. Check!

-- Washing machine spouting water all over the laundry room.... Err... Check?

(I do recall it being said that there's a clog in one of the hoses, but I was on an expensive-coffee-in-a-snowman-mug buzz and totally forgot. That is until I noticed something similar to the sound of a babbling brook coming from the laundry room. Oops!)

Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself this year. I'm usually the person who waits until 7pm December 23rd to do my Christmas shopping. Running around a mall or shopping center gnashing my teeth and elbowing old ladies with the other shopping-warfare soldiers, I'd dig through the leftovers, spend too much money on ridiculous things, then hastily wrap the spoils of war in the bedroom while everyone else drank eggnog and mingled happily elsewhere.


But not this year!

This year I started early (yesterday) and I've somehow managed to fill out a stack of Christmas cards and get a few gifts ready to ship to my parents and Grandmother in Jersey. We've even got the tree up! It's a Frazer Fur that I'm pretty sure won't cause me to have terrible allergic reactions. And if it does? We'll just get a Niles Pine next year.

Ha! Get it? A Frasier Fur and a Niles Pine?? *nudgewink*



The girl with the flour in her hair said...

You did make a funny! You totally deserve that latte!

And totally do not deserve the mess in the laundry room... ugh. Have fun cleaning that up!

Oh, and I love the slippers!

Emma said...


Luckily I caught onto the near catastrophe before there was too much of a mess. So I turned the machine off, let the pipe drain (ugh, sloooowly!), put the machine on spin until the water started to leak again, turned it off, let the pipe drain, turned it back on... and on and on until the water was out of the washer and not all over the floor.

I love my fuzzy slippers. I found them in a punky shoe store somewhere in the French Quarter.

Honey B. said...

Love the slippers! And LOVE the Frasier and Niles joke, totally cracked me up!

Thanks for the comment on my blog- hope you're having a phenomenal week!

Emma said...

So far... So good. But then again, I've been off the past two days. We'll see how the rest of it goes. :/

Chrisy Bates said...

You did make the Frazier skit also! I look forward to getting to know you better.

Jen said...

I totally want those slippers and so does my son.

Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.