Apr 19, 2010

Like It’s a Frikkin Casting Call for “My Cousin Vinny”

Have I introduced you guys to my new BFF? 

I mean, if a television show can be one’s “Best Frikkin Friend” (I just coined that term, make note.), Jerseylicious is totally mine.  I want to have Friday night slumber parties with the show, take it shopping, and talk about boys over expensive coffee drinks.  I hope we get married on the same day, buy houses down the street from eachother and have lots of little guido babies that will grow up together.

Mostly, I want to trade shoes with my bestie, J-Lic.

Especially these:


Seriously, where do I find those?


Amanda said...

this is for real a show? I have to find it like IMMEDIATELY.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

LOL-love this post!

Stacy said...

Oh my gosh! I introduced you to your best frikkin friend! I am so awed by my awesomey awesomeness!

Christine Macdonald said...

I love bad tv. And your new page! :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I have read about this show in US Weekly and Imight check it out. It looks like a ton of fun!