Mar 5, 2010

I Wonder If The Monkey Waiters Need a Third

Well there you have it.

A monkey could do my job.


Please, no one tell my boss about this. Apparently the monkeys work for soy beans. Unless I get paid in magic soy beans, the gal at the Steve Madden store only takes actual currency.


Suzanne Westover said...

It's funny...sometimes I write for less than soybeans...less than peanuts in fact. Sometimes all I get is a big cup of air. I'm glad things went well, but I was kinda waiting for you to take that b**ch down with your elastic band hockey puck...maybe next time.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Oh God. My roots are so kickin' right now. Thanks for the reminder.

Glad it went well at work. Amazing when we prove to ourselves how mature we can be...

Stacy said...

I've got magic beans!

Oh how I miss Friends. Why can't that show be raised from the dead?

Glad you didn't have to pack your shiz and go home. And monkeys fling you're at least one step up higher on the food chain!

Amanda said...

My journalism professor used to call that "go to hell money". He told those of us who were planning to pursue the noble career of reporting that we need at least 3 months of money saved in case we needed to tell our editor to "go to hell" over a story.

I never forgot that.

I never understood why the restaurant industry was so averse to behaving like adults. It's like -- you can never have a good idea and just discuss it...there's always back-stabbing and immaturity (retail too, actually).