Feb 23, 2010

*sniff* You like me, you really like me!

The Blogging Academy has once again bestowed me with a blogger award, and since I've only been at this regularly for a short time I'm pretty excited.

Thanks, Homesick Cajun!

Okay, according to the rules of blog-awarding you have to post 7 things about yourself you may not know. Well, since 20 of my now 25(!) readers have discovered me within the week, this should be easy.

1. Before I die (or before it crumbles), I must see the Coliseum in Rome. Shamefully, this comes from an unhealthy obsession with the movie "Gladiator."

2. I like to fancy the notion that my life is a chick-lit novel. I've been known from time to time to walk around with a running commentary in my head as though I'm narrating the story. I'm on my own best-sellers list.

3. My favorite pair of shoes is a super-sexy, super-high heeled pair of leopard silk and shiny patent leather Steve Madden peep-toes. I've never worn them, but I have them positioned in the closet so that I can admire my babies every time I open the door. Someday I'll have occasion (and balance) to wear them.

4. After thing number three I guess it goes without saying that I have a problem with impulse control. Especially when it comes to shiny, stylish, pretty things being sold at a sweet discount. And especially when it comes to shiny, stylish, pretty footwear.

5. I not-so-secretly daydream about being asked to be one of those guest commentators on VH-1. You know, like "I Love the 80's" or "Best Week Ever." I'm snarky! I can be quippy! Call me!

6. The sound of seagulls and that gross sulfur-y stench of low-tide makes me terribly homesick. Yesterday there were seagulls in a parking lot fighting over a bag of garbage and I got a little weepy.

7. I'm slightly addicted to internet memes. My current favorite is Hipster Kitty, because I hate hipsters with the white-hot intensity of a thousand more hateful versions of me.

Now you have to pick seven people to pass this award on to:

1. Thirty: Own Up To Being Grown Up (Though I will never do such a thing!)

2. A Day In The Life of a Surferwife The name of her blog alone makes me miss living at the beach. *sigh*

3. A Southern Belle Trying Not To Rust 'Cuz I'm a Yankee that'll never pass as a Belle. I curse too much in public, and I think petticoats make my ass look fat.

4. It's Blogworthy Because everything totally is.

5. The Lost in Suburbia Blogs Because I am, too!

6. Tales From The Chicken Coop Because I totally endorse girls behaving badly in public!

7. Diary of Curvy Jones A blog I discovered about ten minutes ago, but love already!

So there you go. I'm starving, so I'm gonna go make breakfast then tell everyone they have an award here.


Suzanne Westover said...


I would also like to thank (blubber, blubber, nonesense) and my mom.

My first grown-up Brownie badge...I want to snatch it an put it on my virutal sash...but how do I do this?? Is it legit to just copy and paste the picture, or is it more technical than that...


Em Static said...

I just saved the pic to my photobucket account and posted it here. That's all. I doubt the FBI will care about such a thing. ;)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Well, thank you! Thank you! I am so honored that you choose me for your award.

And those shoes sound fantastic! I haven't worn anything like that in years now. :(

Cheryl said...

Visiting from The Lady Bloggers and am loving your list of facts. #2 cracked me up b/c I'm often told that my life is a musical in my head, but a chick lit novel sounds so much more fun! Love your pink leopard background. :)

Jenny Brown said...

Just found your site, while I was over in the Chicken Coop! I love 'funny' and you've hooked me with my first now I'm looking forward to checking out your other posts. And I'm sure I'll be addicted to you soon!

Curvy Jones said...

YAY thank you! I passed it on here:

Amanda said...

Ahh! You're so sweet! thanks for the award!

I have to go check out that hipster cat things because I too hate hipsters and love cats. So it's pretty much a win/win for me.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Congrats on the award! I love Amanda's blog too! A 5k is only 3.1 miles and a half-marathon is about 10 miles longer! I think I could do the half, the time on the course is a 16 minute co-worker thinks I could walk it at that pace. We'll see...

T-rexy said...

When my VH1 TV special on dinosaurs in art comes out, I will TOTALLY have you on as a quippy commentator!

Thanks for stopping by and following me today! I'm following you, too! (that actually sounds creepy, but I mean it in a good bloggy way).

Chicken said...

Wow Thanks! I love your blog! And don't even get me started on my love Steve Madden. I have a few pairs that I drool over sitting in my closet. My husband has almost walked in on me once chewing on the heel of one (I wanted to eat it since it was so yummy looking)...awkward :)