Apr 26, 2010

Murderous Gangs of Debutantes On The Loose!

Since the reckless use of the “download” function seems to be what destroyed my last computer (hey, did you know that there’s a such thing as computer viruses? ‘cuz apparently i didn’t.), I’ve been treating this new one as though the slightest addition to the hard drive will cause a major catastrophic meltdown…

Which it will, if anything happens to this new computer.

However, a life without itunes isn’t a life worth living, so I finally bit the bullet this afternoon and added it.  Since most of the music on my former lappy was ill-begotten through Limewire (again, viruses? never heard of ‘em!), I don’t actually have an itunes account.  Later tonight Man and I are going shopping for an external hard drive and some itunes gift cards so I can join the ranks of legitimate music fans, but in the meantime I’m sitting here listening to internet radio.

Which brings me to a funny aside.  After my successful download and install of itunes, I bounced out into the living room and declared: “Hey!  I can listen to internet radio now!”

To which Man replied: “Yeah, Em.  Welcome to 2003.”


So, pardon me if I’m about to tell you something people living in 2010 already know…

For the last two hours I’ve been listening to what has fast become my new favorite internet station.  FTV Hits, which broadcasts music from fashion/runway shows around the world.  Pretty cool.

So I’ve been playing this little game with myself all afternoon.  A song comes on, and I try to imagine what kind of clothes or which designer would use that particular tune.  It’s all been pretty standard fare so far:  Slow remixes of European electronica and the occasional 80’s hit.

Then they tossed me a curve ball.

Lil Wayne.


Yeah, I know.  Rappers seem to be the new Lagerfelds these days, but…  I dunno.  Call me a fashion show purist, but Lil Wayne?  What on Earth would I send down a runway to the tune of someone who can make sex sound so dirty, sweaty and all-around nasty I almost don’t want to do it anymore?

Then it struck me.

Ball gowns.


But not just any old collection of formalwear.  No, if I was handed a Weezy track and told to match it to clothes, I’d do Cotillion gowns.

‘Cuz there ain’t nothin’ more gangsta than an old fashioned Debutante ball.



Amanda said...

Good call man. I think that Lil Wayne is totally skeevy and awful, so what better to balance it out that lovely dresses!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I still haven't figured out ITunes yet...good luck!

Christine Macdonald said...

Funny! Love this!

Jay said...

I have an iPod Nano and iTunes. I haven't downloaded anything in a long time. I was using my credit card to buy music from iTunes and somebody stole my number and tried to buy $10,000 worth of electronics online the day after I signed up at iTunes. So, I started using gift cards too. But, I'm not huge into music so I don't buy much.

Also, now every time I plug my iPod into my desktop it reboots. I have no idea why.

Chicken said...

I have to confess I do like Lil Wayne, does it class me up a little if I listen while wearing Vera?

Stacy said...

Have you seen the SNL skit for "I'm on a boat"? It is seriously the funniest thing ever. I think that's Lil Wayne? Not sure. But I've got my Flippy Floppy's!

And Oh-EM-Gee, I just saw the preview for next week's Jerseylicious...who do you they is going to get fired? I SO hope it's Tracy...that girl is such trash!

Homesick Cajun said...

Hey boo, you have an award in my blog! Come by and pick it up when you get a chance!!

Katie said...

it must be your lucky week - I too have an award for you! Hop on over when you have the time

Anonymous said...

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